Barcelona has a Defense Problem

After Barcelona's 8-2 victory over SD Huesca, I mentioned that their defense could be more concerning than anything they'd done in the final third. While this was only an issue of a few shots from a single match, it seemed to paint a broader picture than being an anomaly from the early season. At that … Continue reading Barcelona has a Defense Problem


Luis Suarez and Regression to the Mean

Luis Suarez had an interesting season. While he finished the season with 25 goals and 18 assists in La Liga, he was at times frustrating and often had fans shaking their heads. Throughout the season, people speculated that Suarez may have been injured, that Suarez had lost confidence, and that Suarez was just downright past … Continue reading Luis Suarez and Regression to the Mean

What’s Wrong with Luis Suarez?

It's not secret that Luis Suarez has been a disappointment to start the year. There have been reports of Suarez playing through injury, which has only fueled speculation of his decline. Explanations range from injury to age to confidence, but all of them indicate there's a non-football factor influencing his footballing performance. These speculations have … Continue reading What’s Wrong with Luis Suarez?

Winning Points

Recently, there's been a contentious discussion over at the Juventus SB Nation blog, regarding the best way to win points - whether that comes from attempting to score more or attempting to limit the number of goals conceded. The entire discussion started with the best way to win titles, which quickly turned into a discussion … Continue reading Winning Points

New Graphs

What's up BTB? It's been a while (unfortunately), but I wanted to drop by and show some graphs that I've been working on. They're nothing fancy (or new, really), but they're moderately easy to work with and it's the first time anyone I know has been able to produce them at will. I'll probably work … Continue reading New Graphs